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Girls and young women are the most affected by poverty across the world especially those in rural and urban rural communities. From the moment they are born, girls face cultural, educa-tional and employment inequalities and injustice in their lives.

Teenage Mothers of Abenawia, is a group of young women who dropped out of school because of economic difficulties and teenage pregnancy. The men who put them in the family way neglected responsibility for their children. The association was formed on the initiative of Abenawia Child Protection Team in pursuance of a sustainable strategy for...



CRRECENT seeks to fill a gap in data and information on children from civil society perspective to support evidence-based advocacy and other interventions for children.

Boys and girls who come into conflict with the law and are placed in Correctional Centers and Remand Homes have been found to be victims of poor parental care and mainly from rural and urban communities of Ghana. 1n 2011 we conducted a sponsored research on the Juvenile Justice System in Ghana which revealed several gaps in the justice delivery...

Early childhood development embodies several fields such as health and nutrition, early childhood education, infant stimulation, community development, women's development, psychology, sociology among others.


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